Friday, February 20, 2009

*sigh* all this self editing is getting me down.. that'll teach me for giving out the link to this blog to people in my real life..

I keep thinking about things I want to blog or work through and then I remember who might be reading etc. etc. and trust me, you are missing out on some hilarious stuff.. really really funny..

I've been thinking recently about deleting.. but I'm now thinking about password protecting..

Which doesn't mean I'm going to be selective about who I give it to.. Frankly anyone can have it as long as they don't know me in real life..

Decisions, decisions.. input welcome btw..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've been to the dentist.

It took a long time and I can tell you that words no one wants to hear when they are in the dentist chair include "ooo, I can't seem to stop the bleeding".

I am now drinking tea through a straw.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I don't think one of our neighbours likes us.

She always seems to look at the puplet and the doglet in horror but then again she always seems to see them when they have just been for a walk and are filthy.

She often gives me dirty looks and gets very snooty about my car being parked outside my actual own house as it lowers the value of her mercedes or house or the whole borough or something.

I am also fairly certain she was the one who complained about our gnomes to the neighbourhood conservation area committee.

Anyway, last night I was standing outside my house having a cigarette and as it was cold I had a hot water bottle up my jumper.

Unfortunately this, in the dark, from the side gave the impression of me being a bit pregnant. Something I only realised as she, our snooty neighbour, walked past shaking her head and tutting.

Unfortunately I realised far too late to correct her erronious impression of me as a completely unfit mother to be.

Oh well, that's me on the agenda for the next meeting then.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I’ve been having a crisis of confidence lately.

I don’t seem to be able to be funny any more. Obviously I’m referring to this blog as opposed to my real life where I am still the most amusing person I know and have my colleagues/family/friends guffawing with unbridled amusement on a regular basis.

I mean, its not that I’m unfunny as such, just that some days I feel completely uninspired and I know its not like I have that many readers and its not like this blog is changing the world or anything and actually its probably not that important in the great scheme of things etc. Etc..

Oh right, I feel much better now.

Anyway, one thing about blogging is that its a bit one sided if you know what I mean. Even if you get loads of comments and lets face it, most of us can’t actually be bothered to comment most of the time, then its still not as interactive as a message board and I do miss that ability to spark off each other and have long witty threads full of witty one liners and outrageous comments.. the problem is the main board I used to go to isn’t there any more and the sub board no one really visits and to be honest there was just one or two more nutters than I liked dealing with and the people I liked have all gone on to other things..

Plus I did have a tendency to let the place rule my life but I figure I am older now and wiser and would probably be able to separate out the reality from the cyber-reality a bit more. But there’s not really any decent boards out there that I can find, particularly as I am not interested in finding love/sex/an escape from my terrible life etc.. I just miss having the odd online laugh/debate/conversation with people..

And yes, I know there is Gingerbeer but it just seems a bit cliquey and sex obsessed...

Anyway, good message board suggestions welcomed..

In other news, I didn’t make it into work on Monday, instead I *air quotes* worked from home which involved taking the dogs to the park, taking the dogs around the block and playing snowballs with them in the garden. Not actually throwing them at the dogs btw, but throwing them for the dogs until they got bored of trying to catch them.. To summarise, I had loads of fun with the dogs in the snow.. and it was nice as everyone seemed to be in a very good mood, parents and kids everywhere in the park, other dogs etc.. was a very nice atmosphere..

In yet more other news I have got myself a mentor at work. I had entered this process under the illusion that having a mentor meant someone important who would put in a good word for me with other important people leading to a meteoric rise up the career ladder, or someone to have in my armoury when people start playing the ‘my boss is bigger than your boss’ game. Instead I have someone (admittedly very senior) who asks me all sorts of complicated and difficult questions like “what is your career path?” or “how does your current job fit into your early career aspirations?”

Career Path? Future Goals? 5-year Plan? Etc. Etc. These are very new concepts for me and as for my current job fitting into my early career aspirations.. I wanted to be a tennis journalist. Or a pop star.

She did ask me if I had any problems I wanted to discuss and I got a couple of things off my chest. She then pointed out she’d meant work problems and I felt very silly.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is it just me or does it feel like the 80s all over again, but without the great clothes.

I mean, we have city boys all over the news, boom and bust, house price chaos, everyone hates the government and is complaining about the weather. Oh and men have started to have really stupid hair again.

Perhaps I should be dusting off my mac and trilby.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bring on the trumpets!


Is it just me or is there anyone else who thinks this is brilliant?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its been a challenging week so far... mainly for two reasons..

Firstly and most importantly bro no 1 had a mini stroke at the weekend... a TIA, which due to my late fathers propensity for them also means that at least I know that it in itself isn't anything to panic about yet.. a warning sign as it were.. except that he's dead healthy and he's my big bro.. and... and.. anyway, I am mostly keeping a good perspective on it all although his docs are suggesting its probably genetic and given that bro no 2 has had blood pressure problems in the past means the following:

Firstly I should probably get myself checked out and secondly, with all this family health trauma over the past few weeks, I am officially the healthiest member of my family.

Cigarette loving, cake adoring, exercise avoiding little old me..

Anyway, the second and much less important reason my week has been challenging is that my lips have decided that they don't like my new healthiest-person-I-know status and I am currently suffering with one of the worst outbreaks of coldsores I think I have ever had. They have been popping up at a rate of 1 a day and I now have 6 in assorted stages of healing.

And I have no idea where they have come from.. I've been suffering with them long enough to make sure I dont touch them other than to put something on them, I wash my hands every time I do, after every cigarette in case I've accidentally touched them and I use a different clean towel for my face, a different mug etc. etc.

And yet this week they've been appearing up all over the shop, top lip, bottom lip, corner of lips etc etc.. I half expected to see a couple pop up on my nose.

Anyway, between the Zovirax and the Compeed coldsore patches I have spent £15 this week and am only now on the road to recovery. According to OMG and a couple of colleagues they aren't really that noticable and if I hadn't been wincing every time I had anything to eat or drinking my tea through a straw no one would have noticed..

My mother called me earlier this week to tell me it would be another week before she went home and it could take up to a year before she was back to proper health. I was very supportive and said all the right daughterly things although there was a little voice inside of me saying this was the baby jesus' way of punishing her for kissing me while infected with a soldsore when I was a little herpes-free toddler.

But I didn't.